Corporate structures

Kaas Byggeindustri A/S excels in building large scale structures – both as a turnkey, and as subcontractor. We focus on projects where steel is the central part of the structure. Besides buildings for manufacturing and corporations, we also make showrooms and sport venues. Through the years, we have assisted multiple danish corporations on making large scale structures a reality. We know the structure demands of many fields and industries, and has great insight in solving our clients challenges and needs. 


All of our building materials can be reused, if your structure needs to be relocated or torn down. Furthermore our steel structures can be constructed without support columns, so you can use the full area of your new building.

The structures architectural expressions can be tailored to fit according to colour choice and the environmental light. Steel exteriors can be delivered in a multitude of colours, and structures can be installed with lightpanels, if there is a need for natural lighting. It is important for us to make your building be an integral part of your local area.

With our experience and knowhow you are garanteed a structure, that fits your needs, spacial and usability wise. We always design the construction process in close collaboration our clients, so that function, architecture and economy meets expectations.


Contact us for a non-binding conversation about the possibilities of your next building project. At Kaas Byggeindustri you are garanteed professional guidance. We make sure you get the best possible solutions and safety for your employees.