Combine your corporations reality with buildings that creates better performance and production.


What we do

  • Kaas Byggeindustri A/S excels in large-scale construction projects – both as turnkey and as subcontractor.
  • We focus on projects where steel is the central part of the structure.
  • Through the years, Kaas Byggeindustri A/S has helped many corporations in building ideal solutions to meet their requirements.
  • We have great insight into the structural demands of many fields, and has great insight in solving our client’s challenges in all industries.
  • Our clients always get is flexible and effective constructions. We construct durable buildings.
  • Kaas Byggeindustri A/S ensures high health & safety standards for the people using and living in our buildings.
  • Kaas Byggeindustri A/S has great insight into logistics and handling in order to create the building as functional as possible.
  • We often act as advisors on regional building management and quality control, and we always meet and exceed technical demands from the authorities.


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How can we help with your project?

At Kaas Byggeindustri you are garanteed professional guidance. We make sure you get the best possible solutions.

Kaasbyggeindustri A/S

Skånevej 13
DK-6230 Rødekro
+45 70 40 40 08

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