Showroom for dealerships

If you need a new showroom for your dealership, we at Kaas Byggeindusti A/S have the expertice needed. We have assisted countless Danish dealerships in constructing solid and beautiful showrooms, that have helped boosting sales.


We build showrooms based on steelstructures. With steel it is possible to have large column free areas, which gives complete creative freedom when creating interior areas.

Our Steelbased structures can also function as warehouse, garages, sportarenas, workshops etc..

It is the perfect choice, when you need something that lasts or, when you want to prevent someone from breaking and entering.


Your showroom need to stand out, but at the same time be part of the local area.

At Kaas Byggeindustri A/S we utilize a wide range of architectural expressions – both by color selections, ports, doorways and relevant solutions for external walls in order to make your showroom look as natural as possible.

Would you like a non-binding offer for your new highend Showroom? – Please give us a call. We look forward to hear about your  plans and ideas for your future showroom.