Steel constructions

Kaas Byggeindustri A/S are experts on the requirements of large scale buildings that uses steel as support elements, and through the years we have advised a lot of Danish manufacturing corporations in building the ideal solutions for their needs.   

 Steel structures can be used as storage facilities, garages, sports venues, workshops, equestrian activities and manufacturing – among others. It is the obvious choice, when you need something that lasts or when you want to prevent someone from breaking and entering.  In farming and agriculture, our buildings are often used as stables , chicken farms and as garage facilities for agricultural maschinery.  

Steel structures are both long lasting and flexible, and all materials can be reused or repurposed in the event of relocating your showroom to another location. 

These buildings should be designed so their architectural expression matches and complements adjacent buildings and the local area. 

At Kaas Byggeindustri A/S we utilize a wide range of architectural expressions – both by color selections, ports, doorways and relevant solutions for external walls in order to make your manufacture facilities look as natural as possible. We can implement lightpanels in the structure if natural light is needed. These spacious steel structures can be made without hindering support columns, making as much out of the indoor area as possible.

We also offer steel structures as prefabricated modular buildings. These modern structures are made with isolation and natural venting, which often can replace costly electrical ventilation.    

Contact us for a non-binding conversation about the possibilities of your next building project. At Kaas Byggeindustri you are garanteed professional guidance. We make sure you get the best possible quality and safety in your future steel structure.