Storage facilities

If you need to increase your storage facilities – give us a call! Kaas Byggeindustri A/S are experts in building large scale structures – both as turnkey, and as subcontractor. 

Kaas Byggeindustri A/S builds flexible, effective and solid solutions. Buildings that lasts.

We will build you a classic steel frame storage facility or with materials of your choosing or according to your needs. Our experts stand by to advice you on the best possible solutions and we have experience and insight in a range of sectors and industries. Our core product are planning and building large scale structures that uses steel as support elements. 

We understand our clients needs and challenges.  Wether you have need of a temporary storage facility or a permanent one, we can help. We will build you flexible structure that can be moved to a permanent location at a later stage. We can also isolate your building so that interior temperature is fixed.   

We are advisors on regional building management and quality control, and will always meet and exeed technical demands from the authorities.

On designing your storage facility, Kaas Byggeindustri ensures the safety for the people using your building. We also focus on logistics and handling, in order to make  the building as functional as possible.      

All of our building materials can be reused, if your structure needs to be relocated or torn down. Furthermore our steel structures can be constructed without support columns, so you can use the full area of your new building.

Contact us for a non-binding conversation about the possibilities of your next building project. At Kaas Byggeindustri you are garanteed professional guidance. We make sure you get the best possible solutions and safety for your employees.